The Mysterious Stonehenge during Summer Equinox

The Mysterious Stonehenge during Summer Equinox

The Stonehenge is one of the 7 wonders of the world as you might already know. If it isn’t already on your bucket list, it needs to go there immediately. The experience of physically seeing this mystery gets your mind thinking of the vast possibilities of the how it got there and the why. This 3000-year-old historic monument is so mysterious, we still don’t know its purpose or how it got there!

If you are traveling to London and have a few hours to spare, why not visit one of the most spectacular destinations?!


The Stonehenge is open most of the year for tourists and is one of the most popular destinations. The Stonehenge is fenced off for most of the year so you can only see it from about 10 yards away.

How to get here

The Stonehenge is about a 90-mile drive from South London. The best way to get here is by booking a tour. I was there for the Vernal Equinox and we booked our tour about 4 months in advance through Stonehenge Tours ( The bus generally leaves at 4:30 am and brings you back to London by 11:00 am. It costs 100 GBP per person to do this.


You can also hop on a train that will take you to Salisbury, the closest town to the Stonehenge. You could hop on a Stonehenge tour bus from there too. If you get yourself here by driving or by train and decide to take the tour bus from Salisbury, the price to see the henge starts at 17.50 GBP. This includes the drive to and back from the henge, the visitor center, and the ticket to see the marvel.

The drive along the English countryside is spectacular. You can clearly visualize the vast history hidden under every cornerstone.

When to go

For the kind of breathtaking experience that you get by actually touching the henges, plan on going sometime during either the Summer/Winter Solstice or March/September Equinox. The tour bus will pick you up, drive you to the Stonehenge, and drive you back all before breakfast!


Useful Tips

  1. Layers my friend! Wear lots of layers as the weather can get super windy and chilly especially if you are going early and during the colder months.

  2. Carry your own water, food. Energy bars come very handy here.

  3. You will spend about 2 hours here so pack accordingly. Don’t get a really heavy backpack for a short time.

  4. The busiest time is between 10 am and 1 pm. If you want to avoid the tourist traffic, plan accordingly.


The top highlights from the Stonehenge Tour apart from the wonders themselves are

  1. The new-age ethnic-groups such as the Pagans, Druids, and Wiccan’s all come together on the days to celebrate!

  2. You will be among very few tourists (a handful at max) this amounts to wonderful photos and not fighting in line to take 1 photo from 500 feet away!


  1. You get to actually touch the stones! It might not seem that exciting but when you are there among all the music and dancing, sitting in the grass, resting your back on the rock, you know you are part of something truly magical.

  2. It is a truly spiritual experience. Once the sun starts to rise through the clouds between the henges, everyone falls silent and it’s just you and your thoughts in complete zen.

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